• We create immersive adventure experiences that connect you with nature, others and your own limitless potential.


    ​The Confront Zone

    Some of our adventures involve surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking etc.. By experiencing flow states through action, you experience a valuable glimpse into your true potential.



    We are wild beings often living tamed existences. Re-connecting with the nature within yourself, with fellow adventurers and with nature itself is the how to optimise your life.


    Be Aware

    Exploring altered states through flow, meditation and other  alternative methods is powerful work. 

    This is a pathway to growth and achieving your full human potential. 

  •  Adventure Weekends

    3-4 day immersions

    NSW, Australia

    April 2017

    Grass-roots camping • Surfing • Simple Living • Flow training

    Immerse in nature, improve your surfing skills and learn more about flow states. Mindfulness, flow and meditation can impact your performance in all areas of life-come and learn how. Get away from the stresses of daily life, talk with people around a camp fire and nourish yourself on a long weekend in nature.

    Email Jiro to enquire: jiro@theflowstatecollective.com

    ReWilding & Nature Immersion

    TBC 2017

    We don't yet know where or when... but the intentions have been set. This adventure will immerse you in nature, where you will experience the shifts that only nature immersion can spark. More details coming soon.

    Email if you are keen!

  • Deep Immersion Adventures

    (1 week or more)

    Postie-Bike Adventure Across Australia

    Dates TBC

    Dust, Heat, Flies.. Awesomeness

    We are planning an adventure across the middle of Australia. We will be riding Australian postie bikes, notoriously weak, yet iconic. When not dodging roo's, flicking flies out of our nostrils, and riding on monotonous, straight, red, dusty roads for hours on end, we will be enjoying raw nature, starlit skys, camp-fire chats and pure, simple adventure, far, far away from the normality of our lives. Email if you are keen!

    Shamanic Journeying- Deep Connections

    Details on request

    Explore altered states of consciousness, connect with yourself and all around you on a level way beyond thought.


    Email for more details.

    Niseko, Japan, Ski/Snowboard Flow

    Feb 2017

    Powder, flow, Yoga, meditation

    Snowboarding or skiing in Japan is mind-blowing. The mix of deep powder, friendly locals and cultural flair is like no other place on earth. The Japanese do things differently- they have done for thousands of years. And the result is the one of the most unique countries on earth. Max of 12 spots. Get in quick. Email if you are keen!

  • What people say

    Patrick Moore

    Health Entrepreneur/ Skier

    “Amazing experience guys- well done! You planned every detail, but let it flow also- a great balance with a great group- how did you arrange all that powder? You guys have a great dynamic together, sense of humour and are experts on your subjects."

    Carmen Lee

    Engineer/ Telemarker

    "Awesome adventure experience! What I loved about the retreat was the daily practice of yoga, Qi Gong and meditation and the skiing and workshops. I also liked the vibe of having some structure but also some free time. Thanks for letting a telemarker ski with you guys and hope our paths cross again! ”

    James Schramko

    Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing expert/ Surfer

    "Fantastic trip. Jiro brings together a mindful healthy group into flow state. The vibe at the Maldives retreat was charged with energy and enthusiasm.


     The people I met there will be lifelong friends."

    Alexandra Murcott

    Artist & Designer/ Snowboarder

    “The week was phenomenal. I love the blend of modern science with traditional philosophy. Your delivery of the information was clear and concise, well presented, easily digested and FRESH.  It is very obvious how much time, effort, thoughtfulness, mindfulness and love you have invested in this baby"

  • The Team

    Jiro Taylor

    Flowstate founder, peak performance coach

    Troy Abraham

    Movement Guide, bearded wanderer, snowboarder, surfer

    Bodhi Whitaker

    Breath, movement, surfer extrodinaire

    Steve Morrison

    Adventurer, Carpenter, Shelter-builder, 

  • Learn how to achieve more flow states

    On each adventure we share wisdom on flow states, meditation and awareness as these are the foundation of higher performance and mastery. 

    Have the best trip of your life

    That is our simple goal. We know that our adventures will change your life. In what way? That's up to you.

    Make Friends for Life

    We attract a certain type of person. An awesome type. Sound like you?

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